Presence of Mind

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Our Simple Truth

The view from a clifftop villa overlooking the Indian Ocean. Echoing sounds that travel with you on your hike through the canyon. The illuminated night sky touching the horizon. Vast is measured in degrees of magnitude. Yet no more boundless than in the depths of imagination where ideas are endless. 

We enable travel for those who aren’t limited by the boundaries of conventional thinking. Those who are drawn to explore the true profundity of this world and our experience of it.


Our Values

Our Values are to fulfil our members aspirations in a resourceful, trustworthy and respectable way



Do you want to know more?

What is Vast?
Vast is a private Members' economy in which vetted Members can exchange experiences in sought after locations at a fraction of the cost, maximising the return on their assets. 

Members offer availability for access to their assets and in so doing, earn currency in the form of Crowns. Members use these Crowns to travel to or use other Members’ assets, which in turn earns those Members Crowns. 

What are assets?
In this context assets are; holiday homes, lodges villas, yachts, hotels,  and other leisure assets. Members of Vast can access each other’s assets by spending currency during dedicated times as defined by the asset owner.


Who can join?


All Members are vetted to ensure the safety and experience of our community.  To qualify, a Member should own, aminimum, one asset which meets the following five criteria: 
- Must be in a desirable location.
- Must offer check in/check out services.
- Minimum asset value of $500K .
- Meet Vast’s predetermined quality and design standards.
- Must own or co-own the asset.
How do I join?


To join the Vast you simply navigate to the join button at You’ll be required to enter your personal information and provide the details of your asset to assist the Vast team in the vetting your person and validating your asset.
Once complete a dedicated experience host from the Vast team will be in contact to confirm your listing and membership options.  
If you have any questions please reach out to us via the chat button on the bottom right of your screen.  



What are the fees?


Membership fees start at $395 per year.  This includes 24 Hr support, access to vetted assets across multiple asset classes, easy management of your property and travel plans. 
Exchange Fees are charged by Vast for facilitating a trade (use of another Member's asset).  This fee is dynamic, based on demand but is linked to the rental value of that asset over the period of use.
Currency:  The currency awarded for availability provided in your asset is called Crowns. Crowns are used to book the weeks of an available asset. Crowns are earned in advance by making your asset available.  


What are Crowns?


Currency is the mechanism we use to fuel the exchange ecosystem. By depositing availability, Members earn currency called Crowns.
Crowns are used to gain access to other member assets enabling you to travel at a fraction of the normal cost.   
The amount of Crowns earned is based on an estimated rental value of the availability offered. The ratio of Crowns earned upfront and upon confirmed share, depend on when and how much availability is on offer.  



How do I add availability?


All availability can be added via the Vast platform. Your account will automatically be credited with Crowns depending on when and how much availability you deposit. 
We work on an opt-out model, meaning your entire calendar is made available unless you decide otherwise. The minimum amount of availability to qualify  for a Vast Membership is two (2) weeks per Calendar year. 
All travel enquiries are submitted by-request , so you are always in control of who can access your asset and when.