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What is VAST

VAST is a private member exchange economy for under-utilised inventory of luxury travel assets like: villas, resorts and hotels. Luxury asset owners can now leverage their unused availability to fulfil their own travel aspirations while removing the guilt associated with not using their own holiday homes.

Supported by a state-of-the-art technology platform, our Members earn a transferrable currency in exchange for offering unused availability. This currency is redeemed against our network of villas, hotels, and Resorts.


Who can join VAST

VAST is a private members economy where all new members are vetted to ensure the ongoing safety and experience of our members.

To join the VAST community, the individual members must be the owner, or co-owner, of a property located in a desirable location and meets VAST’s predetermined premium standards. We also ask that Members deposit at least two weeks of availability per year, which ensures an abundance of redemption options and a healthy exchange economy.


Can I list more than one home on VAST

Yes, provided you are the owner, or co-owner, of the property, the home is located in a desirable location and meets VAST predetermined premium standards. There is no additional cost per additional property.


What are the fees

Membership Fees sre US$395 per year. This fee is waived for all members who sign-up before the end of October.

To help VAST run smoothly and to cover the costs of the product and the services which we provide our Members, we charge a booking fee when a booking is confirmed. Members pay a booking fee that is between 10% and 30% of the estimated rental value over the period of use. In the case of stays in other Members properties, this is 19% and the exact percentage in partner hotel stay varies according to the commercial agreement which we have managed to negotiate with the hotel group.


How do I book a stay on VAST

Once you are an approved Member, you are able to utilise your Črowns, to stays in other Members’ properties and hotels.


How do I earn Črowns

Črowns are earned by depositing availability and by hosting other VAST Members. A portion of your Črowns are awarded immediately upon depositing availability, with the balance awarded upon the utilisation of the deposited availability by another member. The Črowns earned per night is based on an estimated rental value of the availability offered.

The amount of Črowns awarded upfront depends on the quality of the availability offered, and by quality we are referring to the seasonality and proximity of the availability. For example, we award Members up to 50 per cent of the Crowns upfront if they deposit availability in peak season and 25 per cent if the deposit in shoulder season, provided the availability is more than three months in advance at the time of deposit.


How to join VAST

Are you ready to join? Start the application process by clicking here. You will be asked to first create a profile, followed by filling in a few personal details.

You will then be asked a few details about your property. Once in receipt, a member of our team will be in contact to discuss your property and answer any questions you may about VAST and the exchange economy.